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If it’s Fall in Oklahoma you can find the Master Clean family at the football field! We may disagree about who is the better college team (OSU or OU).  Same with the NFL (Texans or Titans).  But, one thing we all agree on – we LOVE to support the Sand Springs Sandites!

There is a Master Clean family member on the field, the sidelines or behind the scenes of nearly all Sandite football games! During the 2020 season, we’ll have a Senior Offensive Lineman, an 8th grader starting his first year of school football and the booster club President. We don’t stop there! There are also Master Clean family members on the board of the SSYFA (Sand Springs Youth Football Association), a youth cheer coach and a 7th grade cheerleader. We love Sandite Football!

Yes, being a Sandite corporate sponsor allows us to hang a banner at the field, but that’s not why we do it. We do it for the love of the Sandites! We love getting to clean the floors of the locker room.  It is important for us to help keep the facility clean for all the players and coaches. It’s an added bonus that we get to build relationships with the coaches and get to clean the carpet and tile in their homes as well.

We bleed black, gold and white! People often ask, “What is a Sandite?” The answer is simple. It’s who you want to be.  So are you ready for some football? We are!

Sand Springs Sandites

Written by Master Clean Carpet and Tile Cleaning of Tulsa, LLC Office Manager, Stephanie Johnson.